VAYK Releases 2022 Travel Industry Expansion Plan

Dallas, Texas, Jan. 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Vaycaychella, Inc. (OTC Pink: VAYK) today releases a presentation on the company’s rapid expansion plans for 2022. The publication today features the strategic framework of VAYK’s compression plan. Follow-up presentations on each of the main elements of the framework outlined in this document will take place over the next few weeks. The presentation of the company’s rapid expansion plan is included in full below:

VAYK democratizes the tourism market to include individual operators and SMEs

VAYK was designed and launched to support individuals and small businesses in acquiring properties for use as short-term rentals primarily through the online marketplace through apps such as Airbnb and Expedia.

VAYK has an ongoing pilot project consisting of 10 beach house properties and a small boutique hotel where VAYK provided the financing for small businesses to acquire and renovate the real estate. The properties are all in the Caribbean and the majority of the properties are in Cuba. All properties are located in economically distressed locations with excellent beaches. Businesses supported by VAYK are doing well and, despite Covid, continue to grow and generate revenue for VAYK through loan servicing.

VAYK is expanding its pilot project with the creation of an online application that allows individuals and small businesses to list properties they wish to acquire and seek individual financing from potential investors.

VAYK will soon launch a new version of its online application that extends individual funding into an individual opportunity where many individual investors can come together to support a single project.

The new version of the app is being developed alongside a facility where individuals and small businesses will be able to create, launch and trade lists of cryptocurrencies to generate investment funds to support potential real estate acquisitions.

Cuban Perspectives

Cuba’s VAYK pilot is gaining substantial momentum with an improving political situation in Cuba and improving US diplomatic disposition towards Cuba.

VAYK is currently in negotiations to engage in backing a second resort property in Cuba in addition to expanding its portfolio of resort properties from 10 to 100 this year.

VAYK’s experience and connections in Cuba have proven valuable in new ways, distinct from VAYK’s focus on financing the purchase of short-term rental properties, but still firmly tied to VAYK’s connection with the entire tourism industry.

Alternet System’s Inc. (OTC Pink: ALYI) has approached VAYK to explore the possibility of expanding ALYI’s initiative to establish a Formula E race in Nairobi to include the possibility of bringing a Formula E race in Havana. Conversations are early, but initial reaction to the idea has been positive.

Cubaesque expansion (the Cancun model)

50 years ago, Cancun, now one of the most popular beach vacation destinations in the world, located on the Yucatan Peninsula, was a deserted desert island. Cancun’s home state of Quintan Roo was not even part of Mexico when the vision of Cancun as a vacation destination was born in 1969.

Just before the onset of Covid, Mexico was generating about $21 billion a year from tourism, representing about 8% of its overall GDP, with 50% coming from Cancun.

The growth of tourism in Cancun spread throughout the Yucatan Peninsula and continues to grow today. The Yucatan Peninsula is no longer just a tourist destination. It is now home to a global community of long-term residents from around the world.

It all started with those early investors who tried to fund a vision rather than lend on otherwise conventional terms.

We see an opportunity in Cancun with the work we are doing in Cuba, and we believe we are about to make history.

But there are other Cubaesque/Cancun model opportunities all over the world. We’re confident that the proliferation of our VAYK app will shine a light on these other Cubaesque/Cancun model opportunities, and when we find them, we’ll shout it from the top of the mountains.

New technologies make tourism revenue more than a branding opportunity

While VAYK is founded on facilitating alternative financing to purchase properties for use in the vacation and tourism industry, VAYK’s long-term vision is much broader and includes expansion into additional technologies that further democratize the exploitation and revenue-generating potential of the vast tourism industry to include more individual operators and small businesses.

VAYK has a number of irons in the fire when it comes to new technologies beyond our alternative peer-to-peer funding app and cryptocurrency crowdfunding expansion. The two most advanced technologies relate to online financial services and compressive white label booking tools.

We plan to soon introduce online financial services for vacation property hosts that will give hosts access to open and manage online bank accounts, including giving guests their own credit cards and the ability to process credit card payments from their customers.

We also plan to introduce a solution that will give hosts the ability to offer air travel booking, car rental and travel insurance from their own website, adding commission income to their rental income. .

VAYK 2.0 version update

The release of VAYK 2.0 adding the new one-to-many crowdfunding functions and laying the foundation for connectivity to the upcoming cryptocurrency bid creation feature was expected to be available by the end of December 2021. Our project manager for app development fell ill with a case of Covid and the release was delayed. She is now back to work and expects VAYK 2.0 to be up and running by the end of January.

Today’s presentation is a framework of the VAYK plan for 2022 and beyond. Over the next few weeks, additional management updates will be released with more details on each component of the framework described here.

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