TraWell Co: sostravel supports trawell in the launch of shared services at milan malpensa and linate airports.






Gallarate, November 11, 2022 – The Board of Directors of TraWell Co SpA (Euronext Growth Milan, symbol: TWL, hereinafter “TWL” or “the Company”), announces that it has, among other things, approved today a transaction (the ” Transaction”) regarding the stipulation of a loan agreement (the “Agreement”) with which SpA (Fiscal Code 03624170126), with registered office in Via Marsala n. 34/A, 21013 Gallarate (VA) (a company also listed on the Euronext Growth Milan market, hereinafter “SosTravel”) granted an interest-bearing loan of 700,000.00 euros (seven hundred thousand/00) (the “Loan ”) to TWL. The Transaction was approved by the Board of Directors following a favorable opinion from the Related Parties Committee, in accordance with the Procedure for transactions with related parties of TWL (“UCI Procedure”). SosTravel and TWL are indeed related parties, within the meaning of art. 1 of Schedule 1 of the PPR Provisions, given that Dr. Rudolph Gentile, Chairman of the Board of Directors of TWL holds (through RG Holding Srl and jointly with TWL) an interest in SOS such as to be able to exercise significant influence on it. In addition, Dr. Rudolph Gentile (through RG Holding Srl) exercises control over TWL.

The Transaction is configured as a larger transaction since the threshold of 5% of the relevance index of the equivalent value is exceeded. TWL will make the Information Document relating to the Transaction available to the public under the conditions and in the manner set out in art. 2, third paragraph, of the Related Party Provisions issued for the Euronext Growth Milan market on October 25, 2021 by Borsa Italiana SpA (the “Provisions”) as well as pursuant to art. 11, third paragraph, of the OPC Procedure, being an “Operation of Major Importance” between related parties within the meaning of Art. 1 of the OPC Procedure and Annex 2 of the Provisions.


With reference to what will be described in more detail in the Information Document, a brief description of the Transaction is provided below.

The Transaction provides for the granting, by SosTravel, to TWL of an interest-bearing capital loan for a total amount of 700,000.00 euros (seven hundred thousand / 00). The loan agreement was signed today and, again today, SOS paid the corresponding sums to TWL.

The Loan will be repaid by TWL in three equal installments (each of 1/3 of the principal amount disbursed), expiring respectively (i) 12 months from the signing of the Agreement; (ii) 24 months from the signing of the Contract and (iii) 36 months from the signing of the Contract.

As from the Disbursement Date and until effective repayment, interest will accrue at the rate of 3.5% per annum on the amount covered by the principal loan. Interest payments must be made every 12 months.

With regard to the reasons for the operation, it is reported that TWL has won the tender for the Esercizi Aeroportuali – SEA public limited company, whose registered office is located in Segrate, Milan Linate airport, within the framework of the selection procedure “for the allocation of n 15 areas, in Milan

Linate and Malpensa airports, for the exercise of the exclusive activity of wrapping luggage with a protective film “mentioned in the letter of invitation dated 02.12.2021 (“the Tender”).

SosTravel maintains commercial relations with TWL and with other TWL Group companies, on whose behalf it carries out the activities of (i) tracing the luggage of TWL Group customers who have subscribed to the Lost Baggage Concierge Service in the event of loss and /or non-return to destination airports; (ii) assistance through call centers to customers of TWL Group companies for the collection of reports of loss, theft or damage to baggage;

With the Transaction in question, SosTravel grants TWL a loan, functional to the release of the guarantees required by the contracting authority within the framework of the Offer. Compliance with TWL’s corporate interest in the Operation must therefore be identified insofar as, through the loan, TWL will be able to issue the guarantees required by the contracting authority for the purposes of signing the concession contract . The expansion of TWL’s activities at Linate airport is obviously an important opportunity to support and develop the Company’s activities. In this regard, please refer to the Information Document which will be published on the Company’s website ( in the “Investor Relations” section.




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