PDP and APC at odds over Edo government’s alleged N18b loan request | The Guardian Nigeria News


The Edo State branch of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) refuted the allegation of Governor Godwin Obaseki’s N18b loan request, which continued to generate discontent from the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state.

The party also called on former APC national chairman Adams Oshiomhole and Edo APC campaign council spokesman John Mayaki to accept defeat in the September 2020 poll and end the their attacks on the administration of Governor Obaseki.

In a statement released yesterday in Benin City, PDP Secretary of State for Advertising Chris Osa Nehikhare said the government led by Obaseki was determined to develop the state.

He urged Oshiomhole to refrain from further attacking Obaseki, adding: “It is unfortunate that we are forced to respond once again to Oshiomhole’s criticisms. He has been so used to the Edo State treasury and cannot bear the pain that he would never have access to the cash with which the governor has continued to pursue development projects in the state.

He added that the lack of critical thinking in the Oshiomhole camp was consistent with his claims that the governor was taking the loan with the plan to repay with the state’s 13% crude oil bypass, but in the same line of thought, the writer claimed that there was no clear repayment plan.

“Governor Obaseki is not a prodigy like Oshiomhole and this is evident in his leadership style and the way he has managed state resources to the admiration of local and foreign partners, who continue to praise him. prudent, transparent and judicious allocation of resources in the pursuit of sustainable development and economic progress of Edo State, ”added Nehikhare.

Meanwhile, the APC accused the government led by Obaseki and Edo’s PDP of casting the shadows instead of focusing on the critical issue bordering on Obaseki’s alleged N18b loan request.

A statement released by APC Deputy Secretary of State for Publicity Victor Ofure Osehobo stressed that the Obaseki administration must be accountable to the people of Edo, insisting that the government’s decision State to obtain another N18b loan would be tantamount to mortgaging the future of Edo State. .

“This time around, the problem is clear. Is the governor taking another N18b loan to mortgage the future of Edo state shortly after securing the N25b facility on the capital market?

“It is not surprising, however, that the PDP does not know the governor and his style of administration and, as such, is handicapped by the facts to answer questions of this nature,” Osehobo said.

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