New mortgage lender launches low-rate home loan

OneTwo Home Loans, a new lender in partnership with Lendi Group and 1835i, has hit the market with a mortgage that offers customers discounts on their interest rate when they pay it off.

After receiving venture capital backing from ANZ Bank’s innovation partner, 1835i, and partnering with Lendi Group, the new digital lender, OneTwo Home Loans (OneTwo), has officially launched in the market.

The new company, which was incubated and launched from 1835i Creation Labs in 2020, was created to help borrowers pay off their loan sooner, while saving money along the way.

Its first home loan offering aims to disrupt the “loyalty tax” model and help borrowers pay off their home loan faster, by automatically lowering the borrower’s interest rates over time. he repays his home loan (until he has repaid 25% of the original loan amount).

For every 5% paid, OneTwo will reduce the rate by 0.03%, up to a maximum of 0.15%. Its variable starting rate is 1.89% per annum (comparative rate of 1.79% per annum).

The lender has also pledged to match any additional loan payments made by borrowers during the first six months, up to $2,500 in total.

It has custom built its own cloud-based lending platform and aims to help provide greater transparency to customers and simplify the home loan process by providing a video-based customer service experience.

The first loan offer, not currently available through the Lendi and Aussie panel but available direct*, is currently targeting homeowners in metropolitan or inland Victoria, NSW and South Australia looking for variable rate loans with repayment of the principal and interest (up to $2 million). Borrowers must have a loan-to-value ratio of 80% or less.

OneTwo said it is currently developing loans for other customer segments, including investor loans, and aims to make a withdrawal facility available soon.

Speaking after the launch, OneTwo Chief Executive Derek Sheerin (formerly ANZi Corporate Director, now known as 1835i) commented: “Australians love property, but the work of buying, owning, selling and financing is often tedious and just too difficult. Our mission is to create new financial solutions that make it easy for people to achieve their dreams.

“We are essentially a technology company here to launch first-to-market financial products to improve the lives of our customers – first of all, we are reinventing Australian mortgage lending.

“By creating our own platform, we were able to fundamentally challenge the traditional processes people go through to get a home loan.

“We’re not just creating a direct digital experience, we’re trying to improve the way people learn and discover what’s right for them. Speed, at the expense of customer understanding, is never a good thing – we work at the pace our customers choose, which works for them.

“We’ve also radically reduced the traditional cost of service for businesses, with the savings passed on to our customers through great pricing and benefits.”

He concluded that by offering automatic rate discounts, a borrower’s loyalty would be rewarded.

“We want to help customers get the loan sooner, while providing a simple, fun, and fast application experience where we do the heavy lifting,” Sheerin concluded.

“Simply put, we believe home ownership is special and the journey to get there should be enjoyable.”

Ron Spector, Managing Director of 1835i (formerly ANZi), added: “OneTwo was one of the first companies incubated and launched from the 1835i Creation Lab. They have developed and launched a unique customer experience and a radically new digital lending platform that will transform the mortgage experience.

*This article was updated on May 3 to indicate that the product is currently not available on the Lendi/Aussie panel.

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New mortgage lender launches low-rate home loan


Last update: May 03, 2022

Posted: May 03, 2022

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