FIFA 23 players slam Road To The Knockouts ‘misleading and scummy’ walkout pack

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team players are angry about a recent pack on the in-game store, claiming his high probability of disengagement are “misleading”.

Ultimate Team Packs are a core feature of FIFA 23, giving players the chance to nab players you might not be able to afford in the market. Whether it’s a new Team of the Week player or one of the upcoming Rulebreakers promo cards, there are plenty of amazing cards to add to your team.

Of course, there is an element of luck when opening Ultimate Team packs, as there are no guarantees as to which players you will draw. Fortunately, EA uses mandatory, advertised pack percentages to assure players of the quality of the cards they will find inside.

Unfortunately, this year’s Road to the Knockouts packs have proven controversial, with the pack promising walkout-caliber players, when for many that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Ultimate Team RTTK bundle frustrates FIFA 23 players

Road to the Knockouts is a returning promotion that sees a handful of Champions League, Europa League and Conference League players all receive special cards that can be automatically upgraded based on actual performance.

To take advantage of this promotion, EA has released a special in-store bundle for players – a 25,000 coin bundle including 5 Rare Gold players, 1 Loan ICON and 1 Loan RTTK player.

But the interesting detail to note was that if you checked the odds of the pack it advertised a “Gold 86+ player” with a 90% chance of that happening – a guaranteed Gold exit. However, what the game didn’t tell fans was that this figure also included the two players on loan.

Reddit user Whyhecap expressed his frustration with the information, saying, “I found this out the hard way… You’re unlikely to get a real walkout. Very misleading and crummy on the part of EA (to be expected).

The reaction against the pack was unanimous with one user saying, “Vote for this as much as possible, people are literally getting ripped off and should demand compensation”, and another Reddit user offering, “I don’t see how this isn’t. is not false advertising. ? Loans never counted for ratings.

We’ll have to wait and see if anything comes of this and if EA decides to offer players something in exchange for allegedly misleading pack odds.

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Image credit: EA

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