Brooksville Housing Authority Withdraws Loan Application For Summit Villas Redevelopment

On September 21, 2020, Donald Singer, Executive Director of the Brooksville Housing Authority (BHA), applied to Brooksville City Council for a low interest rate loan of $ 340,000 from the City for the redevelopment of the housing project. Summit Villas public housing. Located on the corner of Hale Ave and Dr. MLK Jr Blvd, the property has been vacant since 2012 and does not meet current building codes, Singer said.

Combining this property with the city’s adjacent 3.5 acres, Singer proposed to demolish the villas and build 80 affordable apartments for the elderly. Co-developer Fortis has built similar homes in Florida.

With an approximate cost of $ 20 million, BHA and Fortis will need to secure funding from public and private sources, including tax credits of $ 2.3 million (incentives). Each source of funding has criteria to meet. Some, like the Florida Housing Finance Corporation (FHFC), want support from local government agencies before approving low-income housing tax credits (LIHTC).

On September 21, board members requested more information before committing to the loan.

City staff ultimately recommended that city council deny the application, so the Brooksville Housing Authority withdrew its application at the city council meeting on November 2, 2020.

Brooksville Housing Authority director Donald Singer cited bad timing and said he would bring the application to council in a year.

Robert Battista noted, however, that he would never vote to approve the loan.

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