Bond demand for new fire station reduced

RUMFORD — On January 25, voters approved the city’s posting of a $5.4 million bond and the federal government’s acceptance of $1 million for the construction of a new central fire station in the Falmouth Street area.
On March 17, City Manager Stacy Carter told elected officials that the bond loan application had been approved a day early.
“We have reduced the request to $4.4 million, with information on the Maine congressional delegation’s allocation of $1 million for the new Central Fire Station. This will therefore reduce the main interest payments. We don’t know what the interest payment is. It is not a fixed rate. The first part of the loan was actually less than 1%, then towards the end of the loan it increased by around 3.5%. I won’t know until we get the loan documents,” he said.
Earlier Carter said: “The new Rumford Fire Station will ensure our firefighters have a safe building free from structural collapse issues and capable of housing our largest apparatus. This critical funding gave confidence to the people of Rumford to make the necessary commitments to authorize the project which had been seriously considered since 1989. The project has already seen three separate proposals over the past 33 years, all of which have been rejected due to concerns about cost and the future of the local economy.
The present Rumford Central Fire Station, built in 1923, is not well suited to house modern firefighting equipment. Additionally, the building has deep cracks in its concrete floor, foundations, and load-bearing walls, putting it at risk of structural failure.

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